ethical business trail

Brighton is ripe with sustainable, progressive and ethical businesses. But who are they and where are they? As part of this year’s Meaning Conference, FUGU brought Meaning conference attendees on a bike tour visiting some of Brighton’s purpose-driven business pioneers. Follow their route to find the businesses doing things differently.

DISTANCE: 1.5 miles

RIDE TIME: 11 mins


  • To begin your ethical business trail, head to Eco Gym Brighton on St James's St, a sustainable fitness hub with exercise machines that harness the energy created as gym members work out, converting it into electricity that goes back into the grid.

  • Sneak in a quick gym session – you’ll be helping to save the planet one workout at a time. Then hop on a bike (there’s a hub just outside the gym) and make your way to the next ethical business.

  • Next up, HISBE - an ethical store that champions a fair and sustainable food industry. Their groceries and products are sourced from local suppliers and brands that trade responsibly, most fruit and veg is sold loose to cut down on plastics and their dry goods refill station has replaced packaged alternatives.

  • To get to HISBE, cycle down Wentworth St, turning right at the seafront. At the roundabout, turn right and cycle along Old Steine, then join the cycle path on Victoria Gardens and continue until you reach the south edge of The Level. Lock your bike at the hub here, putting it on ‘hold’, then cross the road to HISBE on foot. Have a browse and buy a snack – remembering a refillable bag of course! Then it’s on to the next stop.   

  • Africa House is the brainchild of travel-driven conservation charity Wild Philanthropy, a luxury African safari business seeking positive social and environmental impact.

  • Africa House is a short walk from HISBE so proceed on foot north, up London Road. Grab a delicious Rwandan coffee or one of their traditional African drinks (including Bissap and Baobab Juice) and settle down on one of their sofas for the afternoon – you’ve earned a rest!

  • The last stop is Silo, the UK’s first zero-waste restaurant. Silo’s ingredients are local and seasonal, and much of their food is made from scratch – the sourdough bread with home churned butter is a treat!

  • To get to Silo, pick up a bike from the Baker Street hub on London Road. Then cycle back south along London Road, turning right up Trafalgar Street where you can lock up your bike at the Whitecross Street. Order some plates and enjoy some botanical drinks while you wait for your food – hopefully feeling inspired by the ethical businesses you’ve seen on this trail.